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Celeb Style: Rachel Zoe

Fashionista extraordinaire! Whether stepping out for a Starbucks run or styling a celebrity into stunning perfection, Rachel Zoe always kills it! We absolutely love her glamorous meets boho-chic vibe…BANANAS! God only knows what we would do to spend a day in her couture packed closet. The mere thought of it makes us weak. Don’t even get us started on her fabulous collection of vintage jewellery…We Die! We have to admit that Miss RZ is definitely a source of inspiration when creating our Pish Posh designs. From loads of bangles, to cocktail rings, long lockets and layered necklaces, we strive to make your boho-glam dreams come true! In the words of the fabulous Miss Zoe, “Be Glamorous. Everyday.”


Boundless Creative Photography Ideas

Creative Photography is an art in itself, that requires a skill and precision as we know, it is one of the most creative artforms to come out of the digital age.

Today we present boundless creative photography ideas to which will get you thinking about what new and different tactics might capture the attention of your community!

Have a look and don’t forget to comment or share.

Sexiest Korean Girl Bands


SNSD or ” Girls Generation ” is the cutest 9 girl kpop group! They sing songs that are very catchy and enjoyable. All there members are very young and cute.


4minute is another unique korean girl band. They have a hip hop sound to them and they do a lot of features with other Similar korean boy bands by the same label.


f(x) Is a new upcoming korean girl band that has a unique sound to it due to its unique members! Love their attitudes. I hope you enjoy their  Chocolate love video found by clicking through their picture.

Miss A:

Miss A has the sexiest korean music video ever titled ” Bad girl, Good girl ”   You can watch the video by clicking on their picture.