Cameron Diaz’heels or Tom Cruise heels


I guess the Daily Mail was the first to point this out, but Cameron Diaz is 5′9″ and Tom Cruise is 5′7″. And earlier this week she wore 4 inch heels to the Japanese premiere of ‘Knight and Day’.Give Cruise credit though, because the lifts in his shoes and the extra high soles are very subtle. I guess when you’re short you have to do this kind of thing. I wouldn’t know of course because I’m a rugged 6′5″, an adventurous hunk who lives for danger, as if you couldn’t tell by my shark tooth necklace and snug-fit safari shorts.On different occasions, the celebs like to wear their own thought good with fashion. Men like to watch, tie, custom-made suits, Women like to use high-heeled shoes, accessories, and clothing to match their own, nike heels, the LV bags, Hearms and so on, celebs like the different design of brands with


One response to “Cameron Diaz’heels or Tom Cruise heels

  1. Great post idea, love it 😉

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