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Landscape photography

Living life, and an autumn vegetation. Whether happy moments or sad moments, and time are in no hurry

A certain date

A certain day, sunny, day and month and sunny, day and month and courage, a certain day to ask you all right, you do not promise did not say can not be

Leaned over to pick up Jane hold deep

If you can not cope with my worst, then you do not deserve my best. – Marilyn Monroe.

Super beauty cloakroom!

Love life, love fashion, love cloakroom ….

Realm of Heaven

Place close to heaven – Bolivia’s Uyuni salt marsh

Ferris wheel

There are some things, not do not care, but care but also how.
Life is not if, and only the consequences and results.
Mature, with a smile to the face of all the little things.

Not the same atmosphere

Great ball of hydrogen, I flew into the sky, see a different world!