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Life is like drama

Life is a dance, life stage, “dancers” photography


Be true to yourself

If you close yourself off, free to deny the life given to us may
You will never know how the color of the wheat field is moving
You will never know the sky will sound

Interesting picture

Cupid to keep up with the timess

Great headset

Ha ha.Bring this headset. Around the world are you.

New creative fountain

Water fountain, to make work a day after you go home can easily ~

Wedding Colour of the – Orange

One of my personal favourite decor ideas is to interchange tall and short centerpieces on a table.

Perfect for an outdoor wedding are these white chairs wrapped in fabric of your wedding colour! An added [tropical] touch are these starfish tied with rope. Beautiful.

Pull away from the ordinary white table cloth and opt for a bright colourful colour, such as orange. It looks especially beautiful surrounded by silver chavari chairs.