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Team Full Loaded

The shirt always seems to one like in the Chinese market, the shirt is not white is black, the Chinese basketball fans will spend a large amount of money to buy shoes, buy jerseys, but then cheap inferior jersey a soft spot.
The jersey is a symbol of the team and give the team a first time promotion, bring a sense of belonging and pride of a player on the team where.
Now like jersey enthusiasts, can be Custom jerseys with quality personalized jersey.


Nicky Hilton’s Goyard !

Just when I’d thought the skull trend had mercifully went on its merry way, here comes heiress Nicky Hilton with a ghoulish tank. Thanks, dearie. At least she had the decency to bring along a Goyard bag as well, in this case a black and gray Goyard tote that suits her macabre look. Though I’m not that fond of skulls, I have to admit this casual look is pretty fierce…if not a tad bony.