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Fashion Designers courses

Fashion has always been a great part for teenagers. Everybody loves to look pretty. There is a lot of money as a fashion designer. Attraction is the key factor of fashion design. Now, we will discuss the steps of how to become a fashion designer. There are some tricks to make your dream a reality. Three points namely creativity, quality and promotion will take you to the best path to make a great carrier.
Creativity is the first point that we rae going to talk about. This is the most important issue that every fashion designer student should consider. To get more money requires that you enhance your talent. You have to learn from those who are already successful. It is only through hard word that you will get result. At the beginning, it can seem to get difficult but it will get easier with time. The second point is about quality which is so important.



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Conceptual photography is a kind of experimental photography in which artists try to visually convey an idea in the form of their photographs. Metaphorical photos can be natural,computer generated or mixed style. The main goal for conceptual photograhers is idea and it’s conveyance. Here are the collection of amazing experimental photo ideas. Try to decode

Fashion star:Nicole

When Hawaiian-born Nicole Scherzinger was growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, she received a Christmas gift at the age of six that would change the course of her life: a tiny purple boombox and a cassette of Whitney Houston’s chart-topping 1985 self-titled debut album. “My parents had no money, but they got me this player and Whitney’s album, which had ‘Greatest Love of All’ on it,” Scherzinger recalls. “That was it for me. From that moment on I wanted to sing. Her voice was so powerful; every note she sang just felt like the truth.”
For the Macy’s Fashion Star Premiere Party Nicole went with a beautiful gown by Julien Macdonald! This is not the first time Nicole has been spotted in Julien Macdonald’s designs, previous looks include the Golden Globes and the MOCA Gala.