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LeAnn Rimes with her Goyard St. Louis purse

LeAnn Rimes must have some sort of inside track at Goyard. First she showed off her pink Goyard St. Louis purse, and now she’s gone and brought out this fetching white version. The boxy shape has a briefcase vibe but is still casual enough for daytime errands, and the white complements LeAnn’s top. And let’s face it — it’s more sophisticated than that baby doll pink.

Old brand

Goyard, established in 1792, is the oldest Parisian trunk maker still in business. It has been passed down from generation to generation up until today under the successive names of Martin, Morel and finally Goyard.For almost 200 years, the house of Goyard has been a byword for elegance and chic. Founded when Francois Goyard inherited the house of Morel in 1853, Goyard is internationally renowned for its bags, luggage and other luxurious personal items. Attention to detail, innovative craftsmanship and refined aesthetic values have made Goyard products, especially their purses and goyard handbags, highly coveted items.The most common styles of Goyard bags are the Comores (a large tote with handles), the Ambassade (soft-frame briefcase), the Cyphre (rigid-frame briefcase), the Urbain (a messenger bag), the Jersey (medium size, rectangular with a sturdy frame), the St. Louis (a medium to large tote, reversible, available in a variety of colors and accompanied by a matching wallet) and the Jeanne (small or medium, crescent shaped).