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Artist – Madonna

Madonna was in Elysian Park a few days ago, and ripples of complaint are still sounding out across the neighborhood, not so much against Madonna herself but the levels of volume required for the singer-dancer to get her message across…the canyon.

LMFAO rock the beat of one million U.S. dollars, Dre headphones

Hidden beneath the hype and hysteria from last night’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was something unique. No, it wasn’t M.I.A.’s inexplicable action when she flipped the bird and lip-synched the F-Bomb during her routine. Nor was it Madonna‘s subdued performance (in comparison to her Blond Ambition World Tour). Instead, it was right underneath everyone’s nose, when SkyBlu of LMFAO stepped onto the stage. Beneath the electro-pop sensation’s wild mane was the most expensive Beats by dre headphones to date. Crafted with help from Graff Diamonds, one of the world’s foremost precious gems dealers, Beats by Dr. Dre placed over 114 carats of diamonds on the headphones. Because of the volatility of precious gems and metals pricing, the collaborators could only estimate the total price around “a million dollars,” give or take a few hundred thousand here or there.