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Cameron Diaz’heels or Tom Cruise heels


I guess the Daily Mail was the first to point this out, but Cameron Diaz is 5′9″ and Tom Cruise is 5′7″. And earlier this week she wore 4 inch heels to the Japanese premiere of ‘Knight and Day’.Give Cruise credit though, because the lifts in his shoes and the extra high soles are very subtle. I guess when you’re short you have to do this kind of thing. I wouldn’t know of course because I’m a rugged 6′5″, an adventurous hunk who lives for danger, as if you couldn’t tell by my shark tooth necklace and snug-fit safari shorts.On different occasions, the celebs like to wear their own thought good with fashion. Men like to watch, tie, custom-made suits, Women like to use high-heeled shoes, accessories, and clothing to match their own, nike heels, the LV bags, Hearms and so on, celebs like the different design of brands with