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London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

At one point questioning whether something was “creepy” or “cute,” Lauer and Vieira’s commentary quickly became familiar to anyone who has had to sit next to talkative theater goers. With many people taking to Twitter to question whether they could stop talking long enough for viewers to actually enjoy the opening ceremony, we pose the question to you…

Opening Ceremony London 2012: wit and charm on a midsummer’s night

Danny Boyle’s secretive Opening Ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics has finally been revealed. Taking audiences on a beautifully chaotic journey through many iconic moments in modern British history, Boyle’s opening ceremony made for an awe-inspiring beginning to the world’s most legendary event.
However, while much of the world watched live as the 2012 London Olympics began, American audiences had to wait until primetime to watch the lighting of the flames. Looking to make up much of the $1.3 billion that NBC spent on the rights to the Olympics, the Opening Ceremony that American audiences watched was vastly different than what the rest of the world witnessed.