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Win an engraved Zhang Division kissed Award

London Olympic table tennis men’s singles final, Zhang Division 4-1 win over Wang Hao (micro-Bobo-off) won the championship, becoming the following Jan-Ove Waldner, Liu Guoliang (micro-Bobo-off), after Linghui (microblogging), the World Men’s table tennisThe fourth Grand Slam winner. This is the fourth gold singles gold medal since the Chinese army of 18 gold medals in the Olympics 1988 table tennis into the Olympic Games, China Nanping. In the moment to win the game won, Zhang Division jumped the track straight to the podium to kiss the championship podium to celebrate, following the World Championships in Rotterdam to tear the clothes to celebrate, once again leaving the highly personalized celebration moment.

London Olympic Games, women’s double 10m platform Chen Ruolin / Wang Hao easily won!

The race was arranged at the first appearance of the Chinese combination of outstanding performance, after the action of two provisions, the scores have climbed to the top. The next three groups demand action, regardless of the completion of quality or synchronization, both with flawless, leading edge has also been expanding.

As the main rival of the Chinese combination of Mexico’s Espinosa and Orozco also played a high level. Host of players, the United Kingdom the combination Powell and Kutcher campaign Medals in the audience cheer, to attack. But, after all, the comprehensive strength of the dominant, Chen Ruolin, Wang Hao, with a solid performance, never give the opponent the “opportunity”.

In the end, all the way leading Chinese sisters leading the advantages of the second 25.08, no suspense to win the gold medal, to help the Chinese diving on the project four consecutive Albert. At this point, the birth of three projects in the London Olympic diving, Chinese team made ​​all the gold medal dominance is obvious.